Shopping local on a sunny Saturday at The Flower Plant

Over the last few months of craziness, I (as I am sure a lot of people) have had to resort to convenience in terms of shopping and self care. This has resulted in a lot of online shopping and picking up everything I can in my weekly Tesco shop.

Whilst supermarket flowers are fine, the quality and choice just isn’t the same as visiting a real florist. That’s why I am so happy that my local florist The Flower Plant is back open for physical in-store shopping and I popped in on Saturday for a little browse.

The Flower Plant is an award-winning florist based in Sileby, Leicestershire. To find out a little bit more about them, click here!

It’s often the little extra touches that make shopping local so special, and this is evident at The Flower Plant before you even set foot inside, and I’m not just talking about the gorgeous rainbow across the front of their store! Even COVID looks pretty, with monstera leaf markers painted on the floor to allow for socially-distanced shopping! There is also a one customer at a time policy at the moment giving the whole experience a really safe feel.

Social distancing… but make it stylish!

The reason why I love The Flower Plant so much is the uniqueness of their offerings – I find plants and flowers (and colours!) that I haven’t seen anywhere else, any my visit this weekend was no different! There is currently a beautiful dried flower rainbow hanging from the ceiling! It is worth visiting just to see this in all its glory!

Additionally, the customer service is second to none! You’re treated like an old friend any time you visit, which makes the whole experience even more lovely. On Saturday we had a good natter about the goings on in the local villages and some exciting new projects that the store has coming up. Keep your eyes peeled on The Flower Plant’s instagram account @theflowerplant in the coming weeks to stay in the know for workshops and events!

Honestly, this store in an instagrammer’s dream!

Don’t tell my boyfriend, but we also got onto the subject of weddings. It will come as no surprise to you that I’ve already stalked a whole heap of wedding photos to plan out the perfect bouquet for my (ahem, our) special day (let’s skip past the fact that I’m not engaged). As I’m sure you can imagine, next year is looking really busy in terms of weddings so if it is something you’re thinking of I’d give the store a call for a chat about options and availability.

Obviously I couldn’t come home empty handed, and I left with this gorgeous bouquet* which is currently brightening up my kitchen on this dull, grey Monday.


A huge thanks to The Flower Plant for their fabulous service as ever, I’ll definitely be back soon!

*bouquet was kindly gifted by The Flower Plant.

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