June 2020 Roccabox Review!

My Roccabox getting ‘Selfie Ready’

I’m a subscriber of 3 beauty boxes currently: Glossybox, Birchbox and Roccabox. For the last 3 months, Roccabox has consistently been delivered within the first week of the month and June’s box was no exception.

The theme this month is “Selfie Ready” and contains 2 skin care items, 2 make up items and 2 hair care items. The theming is usually something I really enjoy about Roccabox and often you can see that a lot of thought has been put into it (e.g. April’s Vegan box and May’s ‘staycation’ box which I have reviewed here). This month, the theme doesn’t seem as well put together as usual to me, but I do like that the products include a range of items (i.e. not just ‘all make up.’).

The total value of the box is £66.95 – and the cost is £10 plus £3.95 delivery. The products in this month’s box are as follows:

Avant – Super Hyaluronic Acid Anti-oxidising DUO Moisturiser
Deluxe Travel Size

Right, so I’m going to get something off my chest here. Avant is a brand that really confuses me. It has a crazily high price tag yet always appears in beauty subscription boxes. It just makes me feel like its all a bit sketchy. I’ve tried to find the accounts and listings of directors on Companies House (the accountant in me!) but it must be listed under a different name? It’s a bit bizarre.

Anyway, the product seems fine. I wasn’t expecting it to be blue (?!) but it did leave my face feeling moisturised. Would I pay £100 for a full size bottle? Personally, no, I think there are better products out there (e.g. Charlotte’s Magic Cream!). However, it is a nice addition to a beauty box and I’m glad I’ve had chance to try this mystical moisturiser.

Eyeko – Black Liquid Eyeliner
Full Size

Sometimes it is like these subscription boxes just know. I had a sort out of my make up bag earlier this month and found a very old No.7 liquid eye liner (amongst some other products that definitely should have been disposed of years ago!) so a new liquid eyeliner was definitely on the cards.

I really like the brush on this one – it’s a fine felt tip which allows for a gradual build up to that perfect cat-eye that we’re all searching for. The colour is a nice jet black and doesn’t require layers of colour.

I only wore this for a couple of hours so I can’t really attest to its wearability or resistance to smudging but overall a really nice liquid eyeliner.

Charles Worthington – Diamond Shine Shampoo & Conditioner
Deluxe Travel Size

Last month we received the mini leave in conditioner from Charles Worthington and this month we have a shampoo and conditioner travel size pair. What I do really like is that we’ve received both the shampoo and conditioner, not just one or the other which sometimes happens in these boxes.

Whilst they smell amazing, and I’m sure they’ll do the job perfectly, I already have a shampoo that I use regularly. The bottles even say “Take Away” on them which makes me think these may have been sourced a while ago ready for a holiday themed box perhaps?

I will use these, probably the next time I go away (which could be years from now – who knows?!), but I’m not overwhelmed by their inclusion this month.

MAYY – Velvet Hydro Matte Lipstick (Tulip)
Full Size

I’ve never heard of MAYY as a beauty brand before, I’ve done a little search and haven’t been able to come up with a lot of information about them (similar to Avant?) but let’s look at the product itself.

The gold packaging for the lipstick is lovely. The actual colour is a brownish nude with slight terracotta tones. Though it’s not a colour that particularly suits me (although I think Roccabox are looking at tailoring their boxes to certain beauty profiles) it does feel moisturising. I can’t comment on how long it will last – I felt like I had to put several coats on before the colour popped which I wouldn’t expect for a £25 lipstick.

It was a nice lipstick to try – I won’t personally use it due to the colour however I feel like a lot of people would have really liked this product.

BeautyPro – Eye – Therapy Under Eye Mask
Full Size

I love an eye mask. Suffering from Hay fever lately means my eyes have been puffy AF! I’ll always love a face mask and an eye mask so no complaints here and I’m excited to try this one out!

Overall it was another nice box from Roccabox, albeit not my favourite. Having said that, Roccabox has fast become my favourite beauty box subscription! For 10% off your first Roccabox order click here!

Have you tried any subscription boxes? What is your favourite?

Until next time x

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