Virtual Flower Arranging with The Flower Plant!

One thing that has blown me away through this whole pandemic is how adaptable local businesses have been with very little notice or support. From local dance schools hosting classes online to restaurants offering takeaways and cook-a-longs, I’ve been keen to support local businesses wherever I can. So when The Flower Plant posted on their (glorious!) instagram that they were doing a live flower arranging workshop I jumped at the chance!

The Flower Plant is an award winning independent florist in Sileby, Leicestershire known for their edgy yet elegant style and friendly service.

My relationships with plants and flowers isn’t great. Whilst I love having a beautiful bouquet or a decrative plant in my house, I’m absolutely shocking at keeping them alive so I really needed all the help I could get!

So last Thursday afternoon, the most beautiful bundle of flowers arrived at my door with a lovely personalised, hand written note telling me to soak them in water until the workshop later that evening. Now, I’m sure for most of you putting them in water would be a natural instinct! But as per my aforementioned plant past, I needed this little reminder!

At 7pm, The Flower Plant went live on instagram and gave us a tour of their beautiful shop (featuring a particularly delightful floral rainbow ladder hanging from the ceiling!) We were talked through all of the flowers that we had in our bundle and how best to prepare them in terms of removing the leaves and cutting stalks etc. We were even shown which ones we could dry out and keep in a dry bundle for the future which was a lovely touch.

Next, we were shown how to arrange the flowers and foliage in a spiral to get the best effect! One thing I’ve never given florists credit for this the shear strength they need in their hands and forearms! I felt like I’d completed an intense arm workout by the end of the session!

After we had arranged our bouquets, we tied them off and learned how to cut them to the correct length to fit our vases, along with a chat on how to care for them – including regularly changing their water and cutting the stems as required (which, embarrassingly, I would never have done previously!)

I am massively impressed by the quality of the flowers from The Flower Plant – I’ve had the bouquet for 5 days now and they still look as fresh as they did on the day they arrived! Keep your eyes peeled on The Flower Plant’s instagram channel for more workshops to come! They also have an absolutely incredible giveaway on their page at the minute too!

I loved the virtual workshop and would definitely join in in the future! The use of instagram live was great too as it meant you could chat with others doing the workshop whilst we went along and it was lovely to see how varied the arrangements were at the end even though they were made from the same flowers and foliage!

Thank you The Flower Plant!

my finished arrangement jazzing up the engine coffee table my boyfriend insisted that we had!

Until next time x

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